Srini getuigt


I was in Saranalaya Children home from 1998 to 2011 nearly 14 years.  During these period Saranalaya offered me everything whichever I need  with qualified education. It showed me good path in life. My heartily thanks to all the peoples who are directly or indirectly helping Saranalaya Children. Now I am working in one of the Surveyor Company (Mclarens young international) and living happily without depending other. I also taking care of my Grandma who is pleasure with my presence. From this I can Say Saranalaya is not only helped me but also helping my grandma indirectly now.
I can confirm that Saranalaya is not only  helping the helpless children by the way of providing proper food and Shelter but also providing a qualified education to the children which is mandatory for human beings.
 In another word I can say, it is giving rebirth to the children life. It shapes the children’s behavior and their bad habits and characters.
I am proud to Say that Saranalaya has kind hearted staffs who have the tendency of understanding children’s activities and the way of controlling them.
Saranalaya  also encourages the children to participate competitions  which is conducted by the Inter or Intra  Schools  as well as by some of the sports committee. It  has good environment for in-door and out- door  games. These benefits  makes us mentally and physically strength. Volley ball is the most welcome game in Saranalaya. 
We pray , the Saranalaya services to the helpless children should exist always.