De kinderen gaan op uitstap naar Gingee Fort

Dankzij de sympathieke sponsoring van de Fietsvedetjes Zedelgem hebben de kinderen van het kindertehuis een uitstap kunnen meemaken waar ze al lang van droomden: een avontuurlijk tripje naar Gingee Fort. 

Hier is what Sundar schrijft over deze trip:

Dear jvays
we had very nice time at gingee fort, we have lots of fun and games there.
we took big bus to go to the tour-first time.
we ordered special lunch was delicious chicken biriyani.
we gave snacks bags to children (biscuits,apple juice and water) then we were walk in hill.
we walked 50% in the hill, but many monkeys are walked with us & they tried & catch our snack bags.
so we took some sticks and make big noise for monkeys.but they didn't get any attention.
our small children are feared, so we get down from hill & enjoyed other place of fort.
if we go to without snacks bags no problem, they(monkeys)don't look us. so our 15 boys went to the hill of top. then they
are very proud and happy.
really all are enjoyed there.
one big monkey catched snacks bag from Karthi (our watchman)
 i shouted " karthi what happened to you, you are brave boy.." then karthi catched his bag from the monkey!!
really if we lose our bags from monkey, we can't get back, but karthi got it, so he was hero to us yesterday!
we had nice memories there.
please convey our big thanks to De Fietsvedetjes.