Orphanage Saranalaya

The Child Home Saranalaya is situated in Thandalam, a small town near to the metropolis Chennai, in the south of india.

The home is a shelter for about 50 streetchildren from the slum areas around Chennai.

The home is run for more than a decade now by Sundar, a personal friend of Jan and Veerle, the founders of C.A.R.E.


The Indian and Belgian families together: fltr: Sundarbabu and his wife Abirami, Jan and Veerle and their kids, Sundar and his wife Kavitha and the parents of Sundar


Quite striking on entering the home is the warm enjoyable familial atmosphere. The children have their own place to play on the big inner court in sand. There is a small playground where the smallest children can play as much as they wish. The bigger children can enjoy themselves by playing ballgames like volleyball and cricket.




All over there has been some attention to green natural aspects too. Bananatrees, coconut trees and flourishing flowertrees decorate the home.

The house is constructed in a L-shape. On one side the rooms of the boys and the office is located, on the otherside the rooms of the girls. Located in the centre there is a big room which is used as dining hall and relaxation room.

At the moment, nearly 50 children from the slums are living in Saranalaya. Several grown-up children also have already left the home after their studies. We are very proud that they all are doing very well.  Some of them already have children of their own now, and thanks to the good example they have received during their stay in the home, they are able to give the necessary love to their own children now, thus breaking the circle of misery and poverty for good.


The big family of Saranalaya anno 2011